Spring 2021 IPSS Graduate Student Symposium Posters

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Stacy Antle

Understanding Nitrogen Dynamics of Poultry Litter in Continuous Corn Production

Jordyn Bush

The Use of Digital Camera Imagery to Assess Cool- and Warm-Season Grass Ratios in Pastures

Jesse Carmack

Optical Sorter-Based Line Selection Lowers Deoxynivalenol in Soft Red Winter Wheat

Maria Paula Castellari

Kentucky Wheat Breeding Lines: Identifying Their Aroma, Flavor and Dough Functionality to Serve Local Artisan Bakeries

Umma FatemaNovel Function of Myosin XI-G in Gamete Nuclear Migration during Fertilization in Arabidopsis
Chelsea Maupin

Evaluating Growing Degree-Days as a Predictor for Cool-Season Crop Growth

Annie McGraw

Characterizing Karst Toposequences in Kentucky’s Inner Bluegrass

Kelly Mercier

Nitrogen Application to Summer Annual Forages May be Uneconomical

Kent Pham

Breaking down biofilms: Understanding the mechanisms and impacts of Pediococcus resilience on ethanol fermentation

Sara Qian

Do Robotic Mowers Influence the NDVI of Tall Fescue Under Reduced Irrigation?

Hannah SomervilleWhat's in the pan? A characterization of Western Kentucky's fragipans
Patsy Wilson

Cane pruning to improve production efficiency and canopy quality of Vignoles and Noiret

Yanjun Yang

Predicting future US crop phenology dynamics under climate change using an integrated remote sensing and machine learning method: A case study in Kentucky cropping systems

Xiaocheng Yu

Genetic control of nodulation specificity in Medicago truncatula

Lichun Zhou

Bioinformatics Study of the Plant Polyadenylation Complex